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Deep inside every unforgettable museum, breathtaking performance venue, and leading-edge university building lie the crucial systems that ensure optimal function, comfort, and safety. It’s in these hidden spaces that Altieri’s innovative MEPF designs excel, answering the many challenges presented by unconventional materials, unusual environments, and bold architectural ideas. Work with a partner who prioritizes your creative vision.

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By any measure, a remarkable team

Education. Certifications. Experience. Diversity. Personality. Interests. No matter how you look at the Altieri team, you find a fascinating mix of backgrounds that come together in collaborative project teams to solve the most complex and ambitious engineering challenges.
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Follow us to net zero

As an early signatory of the MEP 2040 Commitment, Altieri continues its mission to meet design challenges with solutions that set the pace for a sustainable future. Our Company Sustainability Plan outlines strategies for Altieri projects to achieve decarbonization and net zero.

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Women in Engineering

Expanding opportunities for women engineers is crucial for Altieri, our clients and the profession as a whole. With true gender equity as our ultimate goal, we are committed to all efforts and initiatives to promote the advancement of women in our firm and the industry.