Women In Engineering

Women In Engineering

We are the women of Altieri.

We are a team of paradigm shifters driven by excellence, innovation, and vision. We came to engineering from different backgrounds and along different paths. With two exceptions, we did not dream of being engineers. Growing up we wanted to be a teacher, doctor, archaeologist, geologist, veterinarian, movie set designer, and trapeze artist. Today, we share a passion for MEPF engineering design and are using our collective experience… 286 years!... to positively impact gender diversity in our workplace and industry.

The Women Of Altieri
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We make up 24% of our workforce compared to a national average in our industry of 10%

Many voices shape our firm and its deeply rooted culture of creativity. Our highly collaborative process is enhanced by the rich diversity of our team. Imaginative and innovative solutions for projects such as The Obama Presidential Center, The National WWII Museum, and Wildflower Studios support our clients as they shape the architectural landscape.

Women Wildflower Topping Out
Topping Out Festivities at Wildflower Studios, Queens, NY

Bringing architectural engineering to the community

Every day we celebrate the contributions our Women in Engineering bring not only to project teams, but to schools and our local community.

We regularly reach out into the community to attend career fairs, introduce what we do to middle, high school, and college students, fundraise for organizations supporting future women engineers, volunteer with local women’s organizations, and host donation drives.

Altieri Women Open Doors
Volunteering at Open Doors in Norwalk, CT
Altieri Women Summer Interns
Altieri had three women summer interns in 2023

Our wom(EN)gineer blog is not for women only!

wom(EN)gineer is an opportunity to share stories, lessons learned, wins…and losses, and to spotlight innovators, mentors, and students. Supporting each other and colleagues is not just for women… It is for everyone who recognizes the power of different perspectives and experiences. We hope you will join us.

“I met my wife in engineering school, and we have two daughters, one of whom is now a practicing mechanical engineer. While women in STEM is the norm in my family, the obstacles for women and minorities in engineering fields are widespread. Everyone needs to be involved in efforts to move the needle on gender equity, starting with appropriate encouragement during early education (my daughter was the only girl in her high school “Intro to Engineering” class) and continuing with support throughout employment. The result will be a well-balanced workforce that reflects our society, provides access to the best talent, and enriches our learning.”

Adam Trojanowski, PE, LEED AP, Principal

By any measure, a remarkable team

Education. Certifications. Experience. Diversity. Personality. Interests. No matter how you look at the Altieri team, you find a fascinating mix of backgrounds that come together in collaborative project teams to solve the most complex and ambitious engineering challenges.
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Expanding opportunities for women engineers is crucial for Altieri, our clients and the profession as a whole. With true gender equity as our ultimate goal, we are committed to all efforts and initiatives to promote the advancement of women in our firm and the industry.