Women Uplift Women

Women Uplift Women

2022 Building Design + Construction: Women in Design + Construction Conference

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In September, I represented Altieri at the Building Design + Construction: Women in Design + Construction conference. This is the first time Altieri has attended a conference focused on women in the industry and it certainly won’t be the last! Women from all sectors of the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction industry came together to inspire and be inspired. Presentations were delivered by women at the top of their fields as well as women on the rise. These impressive speakers covered the latest in a range of important business issues such as employee engagement, branding, employee resource groups, and diversity. The presenters shared an obvious passion for their work and for advancing women in the industry. The insights gained from their real-life experiences were valuable and motivating. And recognizable! At Altieri, we have formed a Women in Engineering group. We meet monthly to talk about our experiences working in the industry including obstacles, challenges, and achievements. It’s energizing listening to my colleagues’ stories and listening as we provide feedback and support to one another. 

One of my key take-aways from the conference is the importance of women uplifting women. We have each followed different paths to get where we are; some of us having more difficult paths than others. Without a doubt we need more women in the industry and one of the ways to make this happen is by helping to smooth the way – supporting young women at our firms, at the schools from which we graduated, and in our communities. I plan to be a part of this essential work and encourage others to join me. An interesting tool I learned is “amplification.” The strategy was used in the Obama Administration by his female aides to ensure their voices were heard. The way it works is that when one woman makes a point in a meeting, another woman repeats it and gives credit to the woman who made the original point. The strategy lends power and credence to women’s voices and ideas, elevating women by providing more opportunities for exposure and recognition.

“Amplification”: The Clever Method Women in the White House Use to Be Heard