Welcome to wom(EN)gineer!

Altieri Insights Womengineer

We are very excited to launch our blog! wom(EN)gineer is a new opportunity to inspire and be inspired. A platform to share stories, lessons learned, wins… and losses. To spotlight innovators, mentors, and students.

We are eager to engage in compelling (and essential) conversations about individual and collective experiences, current industry trends, and many other topics impacting our professional and personal goals. We are committed to moving the needle on gender equity in the field and want to be part of the solution!   

From our desks at Altieri, we look forward to welcoming you to our wom(EN)gineer community. We are not for women only, but for all who recognize the unlimited value of diverse, equitable, and inclusive communities and workplaces. Hope you will join us and tell others too!

Thanks for reading,
Kari, Kristen, Sara, Nona, Angelica, Luying, Sheri, and Crystal