Altieri Summer Interns Reporting In!

Altieri Summer Interns Reporting In

We are rising seniors at School of the Holy Child in Rye, New York, selected to participate in a 2-year program focused on engineering, architecture, and design (EAD). The program exposes us to different engineering and design disciplines and culminates with the opportunity to design a senior thesis exploring a topic that has interested us during our studies. 

We were introduced to Altieri when Kari Nystrom visited our class, talked to us about her career, and introduced us to the field of architectural engineering. We were intrigued to discover how this area of engineering (which neither of us knew anything about) engaged our interests in electrical engineering and gave us a brief look at mechanical engineering jobs. At the conclusion of her presentation, Kari mentioned that Altieri has summer internships for high schoolers. We jumped on the opportunity and here we are! We are seeing firsthand what electrical and mechanical engineers do and are learning how to use the technology these professionals utilize every day!

Up Close…

Caroline: I have decided to pursue engineering because of how it is teamwork driven and allows for the intersection of creative thinking and science. At Altieri I am working with load calculations to measure and place appropriate mechanical equipment for the firm’s MIT Metropolitan Warehouse project. Jacob, a mechanical engineer, walked me through all the different functions of Revit; the software allows me to size the radiators and put them in their corresponding rooms, and enables me to take the next step of adding, moving, and deleting piping as necessary. What advice would I give to young women? Be open to engineering; don’t be afraid to pursue it! Personally, I have gained inspiration from my volunteer tutoring job – seeing the students I mentor gain confidence in STEM subjects encourages me to work even harder toward my engineering dream.

Riley: I discovered my passion for engineering through the EAD program. I’ve learned that engineering can allow me to express my creativity and love of math all at once! At Altieri, I am working on electrical plans, specifically fitting outlets to a line with the standard code. I have been using the NEC 2020 Book for wiring sizes for generators with specific amps after Vini, an electrical engineer, showed me how to find wire lengths for each amp of the generator. I have been inspired by the women in STEM around me, specifically my teacher, Ms.Budill. Consistently, she has encouraged me to try my best and never give up when something gets hard. To any young women wanting to pursue a career in engineering I would say, never let anyone tell you that you cannot do something.