Athletic Facilities, Higher Education

Yale University

Cullman-Heyman Tennis Center

New Haven, CT
74,367 SF
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Yale Cullma Heyman 01

Cullman-Heyman regularly hosts major intercollegiate national championships.

The Cullman-Heyman Tennis Center is one of the finest intercollegiate tennis facilities in the country. The original Cullman Courts were built in 1972. Newly renovated and expanded, the Center features eight courts, a viewing area and lobby, as well as new locker rooms, coaches’ offices, and team room. The facility has a master scoreboard and HD video cameras on every court that support streaming. All eight courts have individual scoreboards. The facility regularly hosts major intercollegiate national championships.

Centerbrook designed a wedge-shaped central viewing lobby that connects a new court building to the old. The two tennis pavilions match each other in lighting and size to keep all courts equivalent for competition. The lighting control system includes three-level switching of the court lighting with different light levels for televised tournament games and practice play, as well as daylight harvesting controls. Lighting in other areas is centrally-controlled and/or controlled by occupancy sensors to provide maximum energy savings. The courts were provided with heating and ventilation only utilizing fabric ductwork for ease of installation, quiet operation, and durability. The building contains a dedicated battery powered inverter to handle life safety lighting requirements. Relocation of primary service feeders serving adjacent Coxe Cage field house building was also required in order to build a new parking lot in front of the tennis center. A grid-connected 100kVA solar photovoltaic energy system was integrated into the design and installed on the southeast roof of the court addition building.