We engineer the optimal solution for each project.

We design state-of-the-art infrastructure systems for highly controlled, architecturally challenging environments, including mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, low voltage systems, decarbonization and net zero services, comprehensive master planning and investigative work, and energy modelling. Our passion for design, inventive approach, and drive to support our clients’ aspirations are the hallmarks of our success.

Glenstone Museum Additional
© Susan Fisher Plotner/Altieri

We support our clients by engineering creative solutions that make their bold visions work.

Altieri designs prioritize redundancy, reliability, monitoring and maintainability, and simple operation for high level control and optimal performance. Spaces are visually unimpaired by building system components, acoustically unnoticed, and engineered for visitor comfort. Our decades-long experience successfully meeting high profile design challenges continues to set the pace for the industry.

“We value Altieri’s strong cross-disciplinary competence that allows their engineers to cover multiple perspectives when needed. There is a nimbleness to their design thinking and an ability to foresee long-range implications and consequences of design directions that have been invaluable to us in addressing very complex design problems and implementing better energy strategies.”

Chris Couse, OAA, FRAIC, Founding Principal, KPMB Architects, Canada


Seamless integration. We design the best solutions for each project, systems that “disappear” in finished spaces without compromising system performance. We have expertise in all aspects of mechanical design including:

  • Building Automation and Energy Management Systems
  • Standards for Indoor Environmental Conditions
  • Central Heating and Cooling Plant Infrastructure
  • Campus Energy Distribution
  • Hot Water, Chilled Water, Steam, Condenser Water and Glycol Distribution System
  • Variable Refrigerant Flow Systems
  • Active Chilled Beam Systems and Radiant Cooling Panels
  • High Performance Energy Recovery
  • Specialty systems including Snow Melt, Geothermal Heat Pumps (open- and closed- loop), Natural Ventilation, Displacement Ventilation, Smoke Control Systems, Radiant Heating, Stair Pressurization
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis
Glenstone Museum Sensor
Space temperature sensor © Susan Fisher Plotner/Altieri
Expertise Mechanical
© Susan Fisher Plotner/Altieri
Expertise Mechanical 02
© Susan Fisher Plotner/Altieri


With Altieri, you can expect electrical systems tailored to meet the diverse needs of your project; you can rely on us to power your environment with creativity, foresight, precision, and reliability. Our dedicated team provides cutting-edge electrical designs that support the occupancy needs of a building while promoting energy efficient operations. Our services include:

  • Power Distribution
  • Emergency and Standby Power Generation
  • Architectural Lighting
  • Lighting Control Systems
  • Fire Alarm
  • Lightning Protection
  • Photovoltaic Studies and Analysis
  • Arc Flash studies
  • Short Circuit studies
  • Overcurrent Protection Coordination studies
Expertise Electrical 01
© Susan Fisher Plotner/Altieri
Expertise Electrical 02
© Susan Fisher Plotner/Altieri


Piping systems are designed and coordinated to meet program requirements, avoid risks, and for maintenance accessibility. Our plumbing engineers design to applicable and current code standards (national, state, and local) and have considerable expertise in:

  • Potable and Non-Potable Water Systems
  • Sanitary, Waste, Vent and Storm Systems
  • Natural Gas Building Systems
  • Compressed Air Systems
  • Acid Waste and Vent Systems
  • Pumping Systems Design (Domestic Booster, Gas, Circulation)
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis
National Wwii Museum New Orleans
Planter drains © Chuck Wick/Altieri
Expertise Plumbing
© Susan Fisher Plotner/Altieri

Fire Protection

Our fire protection engineers are highly skilled at designing innovative, minimally intrusive, and cost-effective solutions for complex spaces and those requiring special protection requirements. Our expertise enables us to provide creative solutions, often coordinating multiple systems into one program. We design to applicable and current code standards (national, state, and local) and provide:

  • Building Fire Pump, Standpipe and Sprinkler Systems Design
  • Clean Agent Systems
  • Special Suppression Systems
Expertise Fire Protection 01
© Susan Fisher Plotner/Altieri
Expertise Fire Protection 02
Recessed sprinkler head © Susan Fisher Plotner/Altieri
Expertise Fire Protection 03
Recessed sprinkler head © Susan Fisher Plotner/Altieri

Low Voltage

Information Technology Systems

Our ITS designs focus on the importance of converged networks in today’s buildings, ultimately ensuring savings of space, energy, and money. We design technology systems with mission critical pathways in mind, understanding that keeping systems operational is of the utmost importance to our clients. Our technology design services include:

  • Data Center Collection spaces
  • Wireless Heat Mapping and Verification Reporting
  • Structured Cabling Systems
  • Local and Wide Area Network Designs
  • Wireless Network Planning and Designs
  • Mission Critical Server Infrastructure
  • Telecommunication Room spaces

Audio Visual Systems

We design state-of-the-art cable, pathway, and equipment systems to support individual programs in classrooms, conference/meeting rooms, multipurpose spaces, lobbies, auditoriums, fitness centers and canteen areas, event spaces, production control rooms, post-editing spaces, AV control booths, digital displays, projectors, signage and artwork, live interactive projection, localized sound, and outdoor entertainment projection mapping and blending.

  • Facility Space Planning
  • Digital Signage
  • Direct View LED Walls
  • Networked AV Control Systems
  • Hybrid and In Person Video Conferencing Systems
  • Projection Mapping and Blending


Altieri security services include design of infrastructure including equipment rooms, racks, pathways, cable systems, and specification of equipment such as IP security cameras, access control and intrusion detection systems. We coordinate building security systems to interface with other equipment including vertical transportation systems, fire alarm, audio visual, highlighting the importance of converged systems in today’s buildings.

Low Voltage Boardroom
360° Boardroom, DCX, Washington DC © Rob Louth/Altieri

Master Planning and Studies

With our considerable expertise in the assessment and analysis of existing conditions, we are here to help prepare for the future. Our planning and feasibility studies provide guidance to clients and owners as they consider different approaches that support project goals and ensure long-term viability of their facilities. We identify and recommend multiple tiers of strategies including:

  • Code and Life Safety
  • Enhancement of Function and Operation
  • Comprehensive Wish List

Altieri’s experience preparing comprehensive existing conditions assessments of mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection systems is widely valued and often results in repeat studies, as highlighted by our return to The Getty Center to perform the Central Plant Engineering Study over 20 years after completing our original design work for the institution.

Masterplanning Getty Center

Energy Modeling

Energy modeling is key to helping design teams develop strategies that help buildings optimize system performance. As energy codes increasingly push buildings to achieve greater efficiency, Altieri’s energy models provide important information to architects and owners about systems design and control options that promote energy efficient operations including building orientation, water usage reduction, renewable energy infrastructure strategies, and potential system and building deficiencies. Using software including eQuest, Trance Trace, Energy Plus, IES, and Cove.tool, we provide:

  • Simple Box energy analysis
  • Analysis for LEED Integrative Process, Minimum Energy Performance, Optimize Energy Performance, and Renewable Energy Product credits
  • SCA NYC Green Schools Guideline submissions
  • Utility incentive program submissions
  • Energy Code Compliance Analysis
  • Energy Cost Budget Analysis
Ies With Sunpath
IES with Sunpath
Annual Energy Cost
Corning Museum Of Glass Amphitheater
Corning Museum of Glass Amphitheater Hot Shop. Image Courtesy of Corning Museum of Glass

“No one else had/has ever done what we did with the glass show. Supporting the client’s vision included designing an environment-with furnaces reaching 2000°-that was temperate, quiet, and personalized.”

Michael A. Freliech, PE, Principal/Boston Office Leader
Solar panels

As an early signatory of the MEP 2040 Commitment, Altieri continues its mission to meet design challenges with solutions that set the pace for a sustainable future. Our Company Sustainability Plan outlines strategies for Altieri projects to achieve decarbonization and net zero.